Самые интересные факты про Грузию

  • Сentenarians
    According to one of the legends, the time spent with the guest does not count towards the age of life. Georgia is considered a country of centenarians and that’s why they are so hospitable!
  • Georgian Cuisine
    In the national Georgian cuisine, there are certain dishes that are eaten by the hand, thus savoring them more. For example, kebabs and khinkali should be eaten exclusively with your hands, even in restaurants, without the help of cutlery.
  • Hospitality
    If you get into the house of a Georgian family, you will never leave hungry and, most often, sober – the owners will roll out all the available supplies onto the table, even if they are the last ones.
  • Toast culture
    Georgian toasts are like a short story that carries a certain meaning.
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    With Love – Violet Ways, a Georgian Travel Agency.