Healing Energy of Majestic Mountains & Nature

Unique and ancient cultures of the world, magnificent mixture of Caucasus mountainous nature and authentic architecture – all this awaits you on our tour of Healing energy of Majestic mountains & Nature.

Unique people and Majestic Mountains

Rare and ancient cultures of the world and a unique ethnic group — the heroic and courageous Svans — who are distinguished from other Georgians by their culture, traditions, and customs. Magnificent mixture of Caucasus mountainous nature and authentic architecture – all this awaits you on our tour of The Land of unique people and Majestic Mountains.


Unforgettable Family Vacation in Georgia

Up for an unforgettable getaway with your family?
Let your kids have a great educational and fun-filled experience. You will plunge into history and uncover ancient fortresses and antique cities. You will visit lakes, mountains, waterfalls and caves that have centuries’ old history. Add an extraordinary flavor and taste to your family holiday on a classic wine tasting tour to Kakheti. You’ll be introduced to the region’s both astounding charm and remarkable highlights. You will taste Georgian traditional cuisine, take part in cooking of khachapuri, khinkali and churchkhela sweets. Our tour will unite your family even more tightly and happy memories will remain in your hearts and will warm you for many many years!

Kazbegi Tour 2

Wonderland of Georgia

We will welcome you to the world of warm and hospitable people with centuries’ old traditions. To a country with rich ancient history. We will show you what is dear to us, the places which we admire, the world of surprising beauty with boundless green hills and immense open spaces.

Kazbegi Paragliding

Discover Georgia at a Glance

Hospitable and romantic Georgia is waiting to treat you to its delicious food and Kindzmarauli wine, accompanied by poetic toasts and fiery Georgian dances. Georgia is a country defined by the ancient culture, warmed by the southern sun, washed by the waters of the Black Sea, and graced with the legendary Caucasus Mountains. The people of Georgia have harmoniously combined many aspects of Western civilization with their unique national identity, love for their historical heritage, and openness to modernity and outsiders. Spending four days immersed in the amazing land of Georgia will doubtless leave you craving for more!

Adventure Tour Cover

Adventure Tour

Kutaisi is the second largest city in Georgia located in the western part of the country. There are direct flights to many European cities; easy access to Georgia via Kutaisi has risen demand to tour itineraries listed below.

Georgia tours from Kutaisi offer a wide cultural-historical program, an introduction to the traditions, trips to picturesque mountains and valleys, and much more. Here you will enjoy a unique Caucasian flavor and famous Georgian hospitality.